Image 1

Working Update 1


Week 9’s reading got me thinking of the selfie and Instagram. Personally, I do not have Instagram and I am not blessed with the ability to take a good selfie. I do however have many friends who are constantly taking photos of themselves and have built up Instagram accounts in which they have commoditised their life. I notice the difference in their digital life and reality and how much pressure they put on themselves to take the right photo to keep their followers happy. I want to explore this idea of online and offline identity in this image and the pressures individuals apply on themselves. I have blended two images together to create this uncomfortable image that shows the figure watching themselves in the reflection. This contrast shows the two dichotomies of the


life, online and offline. I have also created a slight warmish hue through the use of a harsh side light to create a surreal aura about the image. I am contemplating such phrases as:

  • Fake it to Make it
  • Take it and Fake it
  • check yourself before you wreck yourself (ice cube my man)

Working Update 2


I have experimented in this image with using noise to distort the figures surroundings. This is to make a comment about the nature of selfies in that they remove you from your reality; in that you are focused on yourself. Personally, i am not sure whether i like this effect as i feel it cheapens the image to appear amateur and i want to produce an image that was of quality but i thought i would post it to see if anyone had any comments on their opinion. I have also come up with a tag line which i shall use in the next post.

Working Update 3


I am really happy with this image so far. In this version i have blurred the background subtly taking on feedback to make the back figure appear menacing and judgmental of themselves. I have also sharpened the front figured; i have opted for this instead of using the noise filter to comment on the vain nature of selfies. For the tagline i was inspired by Barbara Kruger who uses concise short statements to affect responders by making it personally direct. I put the ‘ie’ of selfie in brackets  to make responders really think about the nature of online identity in that we choose how we portray ourselves.


One thought on “Image 1

  1. Hey Cait, this is an interesting take on the differences in online and offline identity. The overall vibe and photography is really great and definitely draws attention to the figures on screen. I’m not sure if you intended it but it kinda looks like the figure at the back is non-too impressed, disgusted even, at the figure taking the selfie. It’s a really interesting effect to explore the reality of selfie taking. Maybe darkening the rear figure’s features to make it look more foreboding would be an ideal way to heighten her displeasure at the pressure to present the online self. Really cool concept, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


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