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Working Update 1

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After long deliberation on finding something interesting to not only audiences but myself, I have finally come up with a concept. I was going through some old photos which I have taken over the years since having got my first camera and a thought dawned on me. If I was in these same situations again, would I take the photo with my camera or with my phone?  In this Image I want to explore this idea of capturing the moment contrasted to experiencing the moment and how this is affected by the device which we use: either phone or camera.

The two primary images are of moments very fond to me in which I captured something quite beautiful and to this day looking back I remember standing on that sand or leaning on the fence, my finger waiting for the right moment to take the photo. I have then transposed 2 rectangular blank spaces, mimicking the size of phones, over the top of the primary focus in the images. This is a strong statement as to the whole experience lost by sometimes using phones, in that it can cheapen and make a special moment feel mediocre to everyday life. It still has a lot of progress to go with finding a solid foundational concept and i am considering using 4 images to create a sort of collage. As for text, i am hoping it will come to me once i have the image part done.

Working Update 2

Image 1 all merged centred.png

After going through my photos I have chosen these specific ones as they are poignant moments. I took some feedback into consideration to introvert the mask but i have decided not too because in the centre of these images is the focal point which is now a mystery to the responder alluding to how phones take away from what is right in front of us. I have chosen to go with black and white as it creates contrast and dimensions to the images that represent a smart phone. I am still struggling for a caption to use but so far i am happy with it

Working Update 3


The biggest change to this image is the use of text. I have opted for the statement ‘What a nice view’ to ironically contradict how it is covering the view. I create some text boxs that mimic that of an iphone, and transposed the text in these to create another dimension to my concept in that as a society we are constantly online and through text messages. I have also slightly adjusted the photos: contrast, saturation, sharpen, to make them appear more professional and tantalising.


2 thoughts on “Image 2

  1. Hey Cait, this is a really cool way to explore the idea of connectedness. The shape and placement of the rectangles is a really poignant way of getting people to think about what they are actually seeing when they try to capture a moment. Maybe on the other photos, you could alternate the rectangles with the silhouette of a camera that way it gives a bit more breadth to the “disconnecting” experience. Just an idea. I’m interested to see how your caption will bring this all together. Keep at it, I’m liking the concept.


  2. A very interesting concept that made me have a good think myself about camera and phone experiences. It is interesting that the only representation of the phone is the solid shape yet it’s instantly identifiable. I definitely agree with the statement this image makes about the loss of experience through phone photography. I myself know the difference made between using both devices and using a proper camera definitely adds an element to the overall narrative. If you’re considering making a collage maybe you could invert the masks and have the background black/white while the phones contain the ‘inferior’ photos. The huge empty space would represent the lost opportunity presented by the proper camera


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